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Take This to Your Grave

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Take This to Your Grave is Fall Out Boy’s first album. Like Bullets, I don’t really ever hear anyone talking about this album, despite it being such an amazing album.

Right out of the gate, Take This to Your Grave has a great sense of energy to it. Fall Out Boy’s later works, such as Save Rock and Roll, are kind of just beats that are pleasant to listen to. This album, however, has true power and energy that I feel they haven’t been able to reproduce after the hiatus.

The album starts of with “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today”, which is one of my favourites of the album. It really shows the energy of the album, especially in the pre-chorus (I’d add a clip here but this stupid site generator can’t do that). The song is also an interesting example of the lyrical style of the album. While Patrick Stump is the singer, Pete Wentz wrote the majority of the lyrics with obsessive detail. The line “Let’s play this game, called when you catch fire, I wouldn’t piss to put you out” is a bit stupid though 🙃

This power continues throughout the album, complete with extremely memorable and fun melodies (Stump made the lyrical melodies and made it work with Wentz’s lyrics). I could go through each song and pick it apart, but I won’t really be doing it justice (and I have no idea how to write a song review).

Since I’m struggling to talk about the album, I’ll talk about how it falls into Fall Out Boy’s discography. As you may know, Fall Out Boy massively changed their style after their hiatus from 2009-2013. Before the hiatus, you could call them an emo band, while after the hiatus they moved more into pop. Even in their pre-hiatus albums, Take This to Your Grave stands out as something different from the rest. It’s less professional, more organic, and more simple than their other albums, which is why I’d say that this album is my personal favourite (narrowly - all of their pre-hiatus albums are 10/10). Go and listen to this album, I even went through the effort of embedding this Spotify thing that’s definitely tracking you.